Preconstruction Services

You can rely on John Wegman Construction to guide you through every step of the preconstruction phase. We provide the services you need to get your project off the ground, including:

  • Site evaluation
  • Project development
  • Design development
  • Blueprints

Construction Services

John Wegman Construction takes pride in providing its clients with expert advice throughout the construction phase:

  • Site logistics
  • Quality control
  • Scheduling
  • Start-up
  • Accounting
  • Complete construction service from the drawing board to the base board

Roofing and Sidewall

Over the past 20 years John Wegman Construction has roofed more than 1400 homes and sidewalled countless other projects on Cape Cod and South Eastern Massachusetts.  Let our expierenced crew guide you through  the correct methods of protecting your home from the ever changing New England weather.